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List of products by brand Bi-Oil

Bi-Oil is a brand that offers products intended to take care of the skin, in particular on the epidermis victims of scars, stretch marks, uneven complexion, skin aging... or quite simply for dry skin. In France, it is marketed by Omega Pharma Laboratories as well as Phytosun Aroms, Precious Water, or Jouvence de l'Abbé Soury.

The brand offers two products that effectively take care of the skin. We find the Bi-Oil care oil, which is specially formulated to act on stretch marks, scars, skin dryness and signs of skin aging.

The brand is also developing the Bi Oil skincare gel, which is particularly suitable for skin suffering from dryness. It is composed of plant extracts and vitamins, in an oily base. Other active ingredients are present, such as essential oils with softening properties, and very moisturizing active ingredients such as glycerin for example. The skin is thus intensely nourished, while the lipid barrier that protects the skin is reformed, thus maintaining hydration.