• Apaisyl
  • Avène


    Discover our ranges of products to take care of your skin. Avène thermal spring water, naturally soothing. Dermatological Expertise. Natural Thermal Water.

  • Bayer


    Bayer AG is a German pharmaceutical and agrochemical company founded in 1863 in Barmen, notably by Friedrich Bayer and Johann Friedrich Weskott, headquartered in Leverkusen, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

  • Bi-Oil


    Bi-Oil is a brand that offers products intended to take care of the skin, in particular on the epidermis victims of scars, stretch marks, uneven complexion, skin aging... or quite simply for dry skin. In France, it is marketed by Omega Pharma Laboratories as well as Phytosun Aroms, Precious Water, or Jouvence de l'Abbé Soury.

    The brand offers two products that effectively take care of the skin. We find the Bi-Oil care oil, which is specially formulated to act on stretch marks, scars, skin dryness and signs of skin aging.

    The brand is also developing the Bi Oil skincare gel, which is particularly suitable for skin suffering from dryness. It is composed of plant extracts and vitamins, in an oily base. Other active ingredients are present, such as essential oils with softening properties, and very moisturizing active ingredients such as glycerin for example. The skin is thus intensely nourished, while the lipid barrier that protects the skin is reformed, thus maintaining hydration.

  • Bioderma


    All BIODERMA Laboratory products are formulated according to the principle of ecobiology. Bioderma: unique expertise by putting Biology at the service of Dermatology. Expertise & Innovation. NAOS brand. Ecobiology. Dermatological expertise.

  • Boiron


    Boiron, French pharmaceutical laboratory. Because health issues have never been so important, we have decided to make our voice heard to propose another way. That of a more humane, more respectful and more sustainable medicine: HOMEOPATHY.

  • Caudalie


    CAUDALIE - Cosmetics without parabens, with active ingredients from the vine, creator of Vinotherapy. Find all our Face & Body treatments on our website

  • CB12


    CB12 mouthwashes for daily fresh breath. All the products and advice for impeccable oral hygiene.

  • Cinq sur Cinq

    Cinq sur Cinq

    Cinq sur Cinq is a brand from Bausch & Lomb Laboratories which also owns Therapearl, Aqualarm and Preservision. It is characterized by a great wealth of anti-mosquito products to protect the skin from bites. In addition, it also offers different protections: some are suitable for temperate zones, and others for tropical zones, when traveling for example.

    The brand also provides anti-lice products, and various treatments for the home to eliminate lice and nits, but also mites, ticks, or even scabies. Thus, Cinq sur Cinq offers solutions to effectively combat the various parasites.

  • Cooper
  • Dermophil


    Dermophil is the lip and hand care specialist in France thanks to its pharmaceutical laboratory and a 100% French product.

  • Durex


    Come and Discover Our Condoms, Lubricating Gels And Sextoys On Our Store! Online Sale Of Condoms, Lubricating Gels And Sextoys On Our Store. Pleasure boxes. Latex Free Condoms. Natural Feeling Gels. Quick delivery.

  • Filorga


    Discover FILORGA, the brand of anti-aging cosmetics directly inspired by aesthetic medicine and find the facial care routine that suits you.

  • Fluocaril
  • Gilbert
  • Granions  Laboratoire

    Granions Laboratoire

    The Laboratoire des Granions designs, develops and markets pharmaceutical specialties consisting of trace elements

  • Hydralin


    Hydralin accompanies women in their intimacy and offers them solutions (medical devices and cosmetics) adapted to their needs.

  • Klorane


    Klorane laboratories offer hair, face and body care products made from plant active ingredients of natural origin.

  • Listerine


    Currently, Listerine has the role of improving everyone's oral hygiene and complementing daily tooth brushing. No. 1 mouthwash in Pharmacy, with 12 references, Listerine is adopted by more than a billion people worldwide.

    It was in 1879 that the Listerine brand, specializing in the field of oral hygiene, was born thanks to Dr. Joseph Lawrence, an English doctor and surgeon, with the launch of a solution designed to disinfect bathrooms. operation and irrigate the wounds. Nevertheless, today, Listerine is mainly used as a daily mouthwash to complement the action of brushing and improve dental hygiene.

  • Luxéol


    Discover a range of food and cosmetic supplements for your hair. Strengthen and protect your hair with Luxéol brand products delivered to your home. Find all our Luxéol products at the best price.

  • Neutrogena


    Discover the best product lines and skincare tips from Neutrogena®. Come in ! Find your perfect beauty routine tailored to the needs of your whole body. Click! Clinically Proven. Norwegian Formula®. Brands: Deep Clean, HydroBoost.

  • Nuxe
  • Optone


    Optone is a range of eye products such as sprays, drops or even masks, intended to relieve the eyes of fatigue. Instant Relief For Dry & Irritated Eyes For Up To 4 Hours. Clinically Tested. Eye dryness? Discover Our Solutions For Soothed & Hydrated Eyes!

  • Parakito
  • Patyka


    PATYKA is a French Organic Cosmetics House whose origins date back to the 1920s. House founded by a Parisian apothecary. He created the formula for an elixir that would become cult: Absolute Oil. Discover the know-how for natural beauty.

  • Physiomer
  • Phytosun Aroms

    Phytosun Aroms

    Leader in aromatherapy, Phytosun Aroms has been marketing essential oils, vegetable oils, food supplements and essential oil diffusers for more than 30 years. Developed with the help of aromatherapists and certified producers, these products guarantee the best quality.

  • Pierre Fabre

    Pierre Fabre

    Pierre Fabre is a French pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics group, created in 1962 by Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist and botanist from Castres.

    Eau Thermale Avène, Klorane, Ducray, Dexeryl, Eludril, Elgydium, Naturactive... Under the Pierre Fabre brand, a large number of brands flourish

  • Pileje


    PiLeJe Laboratory | Microbiota, Micronutrition, Phytotherapy and Food supplement nutrition. The PiLeJe laboratory has been committed for more than 30 years to building a medical vision oriented towards health medicine.

  • ProRhinel


    Discover our advice and our selection of products against stuffy noses for the whole family. Baby cold, Nasal hygiene.

  • Puressentiel


    More than 200 products for the Health, Beauty and Well-being of the whole family. Active ingredients of natural origin to accompany you on a daily basis! I discover.

  • Quies
  • Rogé Cavaillès
  • Sanofi
  • SVR


    French dermocosmetic laboratory since 1962. Effective dermatological solutions for all types of skin, even sensitive

  • Teva


    Teva Santé is part of the Teva pharmaceutical Industries group. This international Israeli company is one of the world leaders in generic drugs. In addition to this market, this laboratory also specializes in the production of active substances and in the research and development of innovative drugs. With 16,000 references marketed in more than 100 countries, this group is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies.

  • Therapearl


    Therapearl comes from Bausch & Lomb Laboratories, a health care company that develops innovative ways to help as many people as possible see better to live better. This group also owns Preservision, Cinq sur Cinq and Aqualarm.

    Heat is an excellent muscle relaxant, effective in case of muscle contractures, arthritis, joint pain, and brings a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Cold, on the other hand, has analgesic properties, and will also relieve arthritis, and pain caused by shocks, trauma, hematomas...

  • Upsa


    The Union of Applied Scientific Pharmacology, better known as Laboratoires UPSA, is a French pharmaceutical company marketing drugs mainly under the UPSA Conseil brand.

  • Urgo


    Le Groupe URGO est spécialiste du traitement médical des plaies (division Urgo Medical) et de la santé grand public (division Urgo Consumer Healthcare)

  • Uriage


    All the strength of Uriage Thermal Water concentrated in a line of dermo-cosmetic products for the balance and care of sensitive skin.

  • Vicks


    Vicks is a brand, distributed by the Procter & Gamble laboratory, intended to quickly and effectively relieve congested airways. Around the famous Vicks VapoRub ointment, the brand has been able to develop a complete range of medicines and medical devices intended for the whole family, to treat nasal congestion, colds and coughs.

    To relieve cough, Vicks offers several solutions depending on the symptoms experienced by patients.

  • Voltarene


    Voltarene is a world-famous brand distributed by GlaxoSmith & Kline laboratories as well as Nicotinell, Activir, Synthol, Polident or Advil.

    These nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are available without a prescription for local pain relief. Voltarene brand products are indicated for flare-ups of knee osteoarthritis, pain of muscular origin and minor injuries such as sprains and bruises. These drugs are reserved for adults and children over 15 years of age and contraindicated in pregnant women.

    Voltarene is a drug that requires medical advice for its use and to read the precautions for use before its application.