Phytosun Arôms decongestant nasal spray 20ml

Decongestant of the respiratory tract from 6 years old

Phytosun Arôms decongestant nasal spray 20ml
Phytosun Arôms decongestant nasal spray 20ml

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The Phytosun decongestant nasal spray is indicated in case of rhinitis, allergic or viral, as well as in case of rhinosinusitis, in the purpose of decongesting and purifying the upper respiratory tract, and in particular the nose and sinuses. It is a regulated health product which bears, as such, the CE marking.

The hypertonic sea water which is used in the composition of the spray nasal decongestant Phytosun has the advantage of releasing the mucous membranes and thus facilitating the passage of air in the respiratory tract, while purifying them. There are also two essential oils, namely eucalyptus globulus and niaouli, which are both recognized, among other things, for their sanitizing, decongestant and expectorant effect. If the congestion is of viral origin, they also help eliminate viruses more quickly due to their antiseptic action.

The last ingredient in the Phytosun decongestant nasal spray is wild mint extract, which provides a great feeling of freshness and offers a light toning action. This set of components allows you to regain more normal breathing, and above all to feel less affected by the inconvenience caused by a stuffy nose.

Phytosun Arôms offers aromatherapy products and in particular essential oils and products based on essential oils.

Packaging: 1 spray of 20 ml