Quies Hearing Protection Foam Noise Canceling

Ear plugs - Very comfortable texture - 35 decibels

Quies Hearing Protection Foam Noise Canceling
Quies Hearing Protection Foam Noise Canceling

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The Equies foam hearing protectors are intended to reduce surrounding noise. They are multi-purpose. Indeed, you can use them just as well to travel in peace, to help you concentrate, to sleep better, to protect you from the noise of your work environment, to fully enjoy a concert without damaging your hearing, etc. . With Quies Anti Noise Foam hearing protectors you can protect yourself in any situation.

Thanks to their very comfortable foam texture, these hearing protectors are very malleable and adapt to all ear morphologies. They therefore remain in place after installation and reduce noise pollution by 35 decibels.

They protect the ear canal from outside noise and can be used, for example, during a concert where the sounds are very loud. The foam, soft and smooth, ensures optimal comfort and does not cause any particular discomfort.

These foam earplugs are also very useful to protect your ears from noisy activities in a professional environment (on a construction site, for example) or in a school environment (taking an exam, for example ).

Benefit from an economical format with 3 pairs or 6 bets for extended use.

These earplugs are made by the Quies brand, present on the hearing protection market since 1918.

Packaging:  choice of 1 box of 3 pairs or 1 box of 6 pairs

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