Buy an anti-pain copper bracelet in pharmacies

Buy an anti-pain copper bracelet in pharmacies

Many people wonder why you can't find this type of product in a pharmacy. Simply because a pharmacy is not a supermarket or a Leclerc grocery store!

The products sold in pharmacies are subject to control, research and scientific publications before being able to be marketed in a pharmacy.

Today, serious scientific research and publications have never been able to prove the effectiveness of copper against any of the many pathologies covered by rheumatism (osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.). Worse still, work on the possible effects of copper beads on osteoarthritis has shown in particular the absence of benefit for patients.

Why do we believe that copper is beneficial for pain?

This belief dates back to ancient Greece. Hippocrates already used copper against bone pain. Many virtues were then attributed to this element, and it remained in the imagination of our societies : in the 18th century, copper salts were used against rheumatism, it was used for a long time in homeopathy, and naturopaths still make decoctions of it. The charlatans of modern times who take themselves for druids and who practice without a diploma! Regarding naturopathy or magnetism, no training is validated in France by a State Diploma.

Use magnetic bracelets to relieve pain in the body

Magnetic bracelets are small jewels with magnets. These magnets are said to have therapeutic powers. By creating a magnetic field... Wrong. No scientific study proves it. On the contrary, each test carried out has proven the absence of benefit! Worse still, this jewelry should not be used by people who wear electronic health devices (pacemaker…)</ p>

Despite everything, wearing a copper bracelet does not represent any danger. So if people want to wear copper, let them. Many pains find their evils in the mind... Reassuring the brain can reduce the pain a little... We talk about the placebo effect!

How to fight rheumatism?

Today to treat pain, we can still recommend maintaining a reasoned physical activity, having a balanced diet and staying well hydrated.

Of course, to consult if necessary.