Acute gastroenteritis: explanations and advice for children

Acute gastroenteritis: explanations and advice for children

Acute gastroenteritis is a viral infection that progresses spontaneously to recovery in a few days. Rehydration is essential, the main risk being dehydration.

1. Rehydrate your child with oral rehydration solution

You must often offer him a DRINK, in small quantities to avoid rejection.

At any age: offer oral rehydration solution (ORS: Adiaril type, Fanolyte, etc.) prepared with 1 sachet for 200ml of pure water without adding anything (no syrup).

Give water systematically after each liquid stool or vomiting.

In children over 2 years old: If ORS is not accepted, you can offer the drink your child usually takes (apple juice, sweet tea, cola without bubbles)

If you have to give him more than 3 bottles of 200ml of ORS per 24 hours, you must consult your doctor again or go to the emergency room.

2. Refeed your child early

Should I stop milk? NOPE.

The doctor suggests either the continuation of the usual milk, or the prescription of a low-lactose milk.

Foods to avoid? No.

An early diet is recommended, based on a normal diet.

3. Gastroenteritis is highly contagious

Preventive measures are simple but essential.

Wash your hands and your child's hands regularly with soap and water.

Always wash your hands before preparing food or feeding it

After changing her diaper or going to the toilet

What are the signs of aggravation?

behavioral anomaly

repeated vomiting

overflowing diarrhea

refusal of hydration, absence of urine, dry diapers

persistent high fever or poorly tolerated fever

Consult your doctor or the emergency department quickly.